Personalizing your bouquet

I’m a big fan of making your wedding a reflection of your style, personality and spirit—whatever they may be. And because bouquets are an important wedding detail, I put together a list of five ways to ensure you love yours and it reflects you.

Do you have favorite flowers? Emily told me she loves lavender, rosemary and succulent. So naturally, we included them in her bouquet.

Photo by  Greenhouse Loft

Is there someone special whose memory you want to honor and celebrate? Barb had us attached a photo of her late father so he could be with her.

Do you have a special family heirloom like rosary? Incorporate it to your bouquet like Julie did for a unique flair.

Photo by Braxton Black

Photo by Braxton Black

Do you have an artsy and romantic style like Hope? Play that up with a flowing, silk ribbon treatment for your bouquet. She purchased Silk and Willow ribbon to wrap around the stems.

Photo by  Katie Ricard

Photo by Katie Ricard

Let’s face it, it’s not always ideal to wear your mother or grandmother’s wedding gown for your own day. A great alternative would be to use a piece of it to wrap the stems, like we did for Sarah’s bouquet.

Photo by  Laura Witherow

Need more ideas for your bouquet? Check out our portfolio for more pics!